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I Do Not Know Our Name, But I Can Tell You Where It Comes From (work-in-progress)

Our name came from
a wood-burning fire
in a dirty kitchen,
a limp arm thrown
over the shoulder of a man
slow dancing,
a dark grey feather
floating down
to the ground.

It came from peeling back
corn husks, frying bawang
in hot peanut oil, twisting
a carrot root out of the
salty earth from its top.

Our name came from the pucker
of dried plum rubbing
inside our cheeks,
the pale yellow memory
of a sampaguita flower.

Our name came from
a secret password
that only opens
without trying.

It came from
a question.
A little girl tugging
at her mama’s pant leg
asking why the moon is in the sky the moon is in the sky the moon is in the sky.


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I feel like the dog in this photo right now. Ay, to watch a thing get smaller and smaller as it floats away towards the horizon. I know, as this dog must know by now, that the boat is coming back. But even so…this day, sure as the setting sun, will never return.

Damn I wish I could find that short little poem by Joy Harjo about home. It would be the bone I throw this dog.

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An incomplete list…
I live next door to a boy who drinks red stripe and writes haiku.
My professor closes his eyes and smiles like i do on the dancefloor.
I am reading a book called the Karma of Brown Folk.
I got two beautiful handwritten letters in the mail from SF on the same day.
Bloomington knows how to do Korean BBQ and lemon custard ice cream.
My love is coming to visit in ten days.
I can give my new friends rides home at night.
I can cry when I need to and it keeps my heart open.
I just sold one of my short films to a college library.
I go to a school with running creeks and gingko trees on campus.
I am almost 33.
I can still imagine the ocean in my mind.

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