Love poems

Each time you open
the door after looking
through the peephole
I leap across the threshold
into your steady arms.

My love if this apartment
is too small we can break
the lease and find a home
with more room for your

Taking Turns
You and I are
in the kitchen
making midnight

snacks. Sometimes
I have a sweet tooth
when you are craving salt.
Sometimes we are missing

an ingredient (and if you cannot
beg me to the store in my pajamas)
then we improvise to make it

tasty. But whoever cooks
does not have to clean
and we never go to bed hungry.

The crook
of your neck
is hiding precious
jewels. Rubies, diamonds,
emeralds, mother of pearl.
Don’t bother trying to cash
them in. I made a deal with
the crook of your neck
to stash them there just for me.
Don’t worry, you will forget
they are there once I bury
my face in them.


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One response to “Love poems

  1. erica benton

    gushing gorge
    us 🙂 xo

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