Naming the Unnameable

Romayne Rubinas Dorsey posted this poem by Adrienne Rich today in memory of Don Belton and I don’t think I’ve laid my eyes on words that capture my mess of feelings better. I don’t know how to write about him yet, I can barely even lay eyes on his image. But finding solace in what others have written is part of how I will get there.

from The Dream of a Common Language, an excerpt from “Twenty-One Love Poems”


Your silence today is a pond where drowned things live
I want to see raised dripping and brought into the sun.
It’s not my own face I see there, but other faces,
even your face at another age.
Whatever’s lost there is needed by both of us–
a watch of old gold, a water-blurred fever chart,
a key…Even the silt and pebbles of the bottom
deserve their glint of recognition. I fear this silence,
this inarticulate life. I’m waiting
for a wind that will gently open this sheeted water
for once, and show me what I can do
for you, who have often made the unnameable
nameable for others, even for me.


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