Ode to Endings

I’m finding that in the thick of thesis writing, little meta poems about writing are helping me let off some steam…or maybe they’re also prayers, beggings & pleadings. Being this close to completion definitely comes with waves of desperation.

Story can i
finish you?
Can it be
sweet when
I do? I like a
clean break
but oh your
shape keeps
I admit when
You’re a square
Or a triangle
I hide in your corners
and when you’re
a circle I love you
most but we all know
that circles don’t end.

Story why are
you so hard to
write most days?
Are you really
a poem? I won’t
judge you if you
are. I’m a poet too.
This can work.
We both love
staying up late.
We love metaphors
especially the ones
we can see from
our window.

Story what will
it take? I want
others to read
you, to press
their faces inside
of your paragraphs
to think of you
long after they’ve
put you down,
see things about
you I never noticed.

After some time has
passed, I will write
another story.
Maybe with some
of your characters.
You would like that
wouldn’t you?
Yes, you can have
all of these things
when we are finished.


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