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tina or ms. b?

On Monday i start teaching my first English Composition class. Whoa. I vacillate between excited, scared and overwhelmed. It’s a class almost entirely of white kids from Indiana. I’m going through teacher training this week, learning all the methods to teach analytical writing. We have a textbook that I was happy to see contain essays by Baldwin, Dubois, hooks, Paula Gun Allen and Foucault. There’s also a lot of other essays in there that sound like they’re gonna be really interesting but end up promoting concepts like ‘pull yourself up from your bootstraps’ and ‘suburbs are the closest thing to an American paradise we’ll ever have’ so it’s a little tricky. Of course I have my own agenda of trying to do my best to politicize some of the students, but I have no idea what makes this student population tick. I welcome any advice or insight into the minds of mid-west youth.
I’m getting a little taste of what transplant teachers in the Bay must feel like, I guess.


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