I heart my ricecooker

it never lets me down. like last night when i came home after class and made adobo, my first bloomington batch. i shovelled out two steamy scoops and topped it off with my extra vinegary sabao. then this morning mixed with green onion and diced tomatoes and then two fried eggs with soy sauce on top. sarap! it’s my own cooking that will now be my comfort food. not mama’s, not james c’s, my own. My rice cooker is my ace-in-the-hole. the part of the meal i can take for granted. i have so much love for the things i can take for granted…

i’ve made a few friends here, but we’re all still checking each other out, taking it slow. No one wants anyone to get the wrong idea or overcommit. To grab on to new friends sometimes feels like it means i’m letting old ones go. So I don’t grab. We’re all here to write anyway. The real task is making writing my new best friend. Figuring out how to stay up late with my writing. How to be loyal and stick up for my writing. But how, against the voices that say I’ll be neglecting my old friends? Who needs a new best friend? This writing is too demanding. And what if we don’t hit it off? Well, either way I have a story due in two weeks that I haven’t started yet. Best friend, enemy, flabby muscle, whatever I wanna call it, it’s time to get crackin. sometimes i wish my writing was like my ricecooker. Easy, reliable, comforting and filling me up. Taken for granted. But in the absence of wishes come true, there are deadlines.


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One response to “I heart my ricecooker

  1. Uncle John

    Hi, Tina…

    I can’t help but respond to this piece, more about your thoughts on ‘new friends, old friends’ than your love affair with your rice cooker.

    Making new friends doesn’t necessarily mean discarding old ones as you might with a pair of sandals. It’s more like favorite clothes… you hang on to them while adding on new ones to your collection. Or like memorabilia that you put away because they hold special value to you. At some point, you look in your drawer and see one of them and it warms your heart and floods you with good memories. You know how you see an old friend after some time and you pick up where you left off, and it just feels so right…

    So, let go. Focus on your purpose (study, work, career, and all the important self-actualizing goals you have), but let new people in your heart as you would the sunshine through your windows!

    Keep positive, keep perspective, be on guard only to the point of keeping yourself protected to some reasonable degree. Make the most of your new environment but watch out for all this talk about food and Tina’s comfort food… the pounds can add up before you know it. At your age, it is easy to put them, about ten times easier than taking them off!!!! I’m speaking from experience here.

    Take care always!


    Uncle John

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