Since I’ve been here…

i’ve spent two days on my own in my apartment. reaching out to connect with new people i can take it or leave it but always glad when i do. maybe it’s time to learn that lesson soon. it’s all new to me what i do on my own. so far i like where i let the wind take me. the past two days i’ve spent worshipping, cooking, making house, writing, budgeting to Hector Lavoe, Willi Colon, Cheo Feliciano…salsa. feeling it now in a way i never had in a dance club here in Apt 6 at 1516 S. Dorchester Drive. Then in between songs at half volume, but still loud as fuck, crickets and other bugs singing their songs. The people who grew up here almost don’t hear it anymore. Trip.

I rode my bike once. It’s a fast one. Light, too. One arm up the stairs. From here on out a sweaty helmety student bicyclist. With small ziploc bags of mixed nuts, carrots and a sandwich. A good sandwich mind you. At least meat, lettuce, cheese and pickles. I got lost on the way home and ended up on a freeway exit. Gave up and took a bus with a bike rack back to my apartment. Watching Being John Malkovich that night with a ginger beer never made me laugh so hard.

There are other things to mention in list form because I need to get crackin on making a big batch of fried rice for the coming week: garage saleing, farmer’s market, 1st year mfa bbq, contradancing, queen elizabeth the only gay club in town, sunset walk with mike d, feeling my ancestors and i go into my first day at school tomorrow ready and amped.


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One response to “Since I’ve been here…

  1. Rachel

    keep on writing cuz i’m reading hella people’s blogs these days! keeps me connected to folks in this vast world of ours.

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